Rosemary Sea Salt Party Favors

Though not always necessary, when it comes to hosting a dinner party it’s always fun to add a little extra element to make your guests feel special to their core. These rosemary sea salt favors are not only a great little take-home for your friends and family, but they act as adorable place cards as well – instantly elevating you to hostess with the mostest status. And honestly? They couldn’t be easier, both time wise and on the wallet, to throw together … Oh, and if you’re looking for a delicious recipe to please your crowd, I’ve got just the thing right here!

Rosemary Sea Salt Party FavorsRosemary Sea Salt Party FavorsRosemary Sea Salt Party Favors



– 1 cup coarse sea salt
– 3 Tbsp. rosemary leaves
– Small clear glass jars (I picked mine up at the dollar store!)
– Thin ribbon or twine
– Canvas tags (I picked mine up at Michael’s!)
– Graphite pencil or paint pen


  1. In a bowl, mix together your sea salt and rosemary leaves.
  2. Fill each jar with your rosemary sea salt mixture.
  3. In your prettiest penmanship, write the name of each guest on the canvas tag (if you’re using a graphite pencil, just be careful not to smudge it).
  4. Tie the tag to the jar and place at each setting!


Photography: Heidi Lau | Design & styling: Lark & Linen

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