Spring Saturday Guide

It’s time to ditch your winter coat and get outside and enjoy the warmer weather. Spend Saturday in the sun with this Springtime schedule we’ve put together.

  • 9am – Get an early start to your day with a fresh glass of OJ and a quick morning run around your favorite part of town. This is also a great time to clear your mind and unwind for the fun day ahead.
  • 10am – Freshen up and throw on that sundress you’ve missed since Summer. Grab a quick bite at home and head out to the local farmer’s market for a spring mix bouquet and to pick up some apricots, strawberries, asparagus, and other Spring vegetables and fruits.
  • 12pm – With a bag full of Spring fruits, call a few of your friends to make plans for a picnic at a park nearby. Coordinate with everyone to bring different snacks, other picnic must-haves, and on the way there you can also pick up a bottle of K-J.
  • 2pm – Take a stroll through the park with your friends to see if there are any outdoors events that have started up again. You might be able to catch a live performance, join in on a pick-up volleyball game, or maybe even rent a few bikes and go for a ride.
  • 4pm – After all that fresh air and sunshine, it’s time to walk home and take the scenic route if you’re up for it.
  • 5pm –When you get home take 30 minutes to unplug from your electronics to slow down and take life in. During this time you can read a magazine, write a letter to an old friend, or spend some time gardening.
  • Tip: Grow your own common herbs that you cook with regularly like rosemary and oregano so it’s always one less thing to check off your grocery list.
  • 6pm – Unpack all the Spring vegetables and fruits you picked up earlier at the farmer’s market and find a recipe using the ingredients you have to cook yourself an amazing dinner (Try some of these Spring vegetable recipes from Delish.)
  • 7pm – If you are enjoying being unplugged from your phone and emails – and if the weather is still nice, enjoy your dinner out on your patio or balcony with a glass of K–J to perfectly end your sun-filled day.

Share your outdoor Saturday plans with us on Instagram & Twitter using the hashtag #KJFriends and we will share our favorites!