Sustainable Holiday Party Planning – Part 2

Last week we published Part 1 of our two-part series on sustainable holiday party planning. Have you tried any of our recommendations yet?

Here are two more smart holiday planning tips that can save you some green, while also keeping with the spirit of sustainability:

1. Dash through the snow in ONE open sleigh TOGETHER!

If you are planning an event, encourage your guests to get cozy in a carpool to help reduce the number of cars traveling on the road during the holiday. There are many benefits to carpooling, especially if you want to inspire camaraderie and togetherness for the holidays. Packing a full car to and from events is effective in saving money, lowering overall automobile carbon emissions, and ensuring holiday cheer!* Always have a designated driver for your holiday parties, not only are you being responsible, but it’s the ultimate carpool mobile. Celebrate your DD – chip in for gas money, give them a coffee gift card and don’t forget to thank them profusely for their generosity! Next time, return the favor.

2. Shopping for Three French Hens…Two Turtle Doves…

Smart food shopping is the first crucial step in great food eating. Entertaining lots of people is a big task, especially when they are all expecting your famous roast. Shopping locally and in bulk may significantly reduce the transportation related impacts of your food choices.* In the spirit of the holidays, you will be giving back to your community by supporting your local business and farms. As a bonus to you and your guest’s stomachs, you will be cooking wiser with foods harvested at peak ripeness that pack more nutrition content. Local farms are better able to grow seasonally appropriate foods, which also means that you aren’t getting foods that are grown all year long, 1,000 miles away.* If you’re having difficulty finding local products or don’t live near any farms, you can also choose an expert sustainable caterer that may help you find options best suited for you and the environment.

Happy holidays!
-Sabrina Sihakom, Sustainability Coordinator

*Tips provided by Practically Green, an online portal for sustainability and employee engagement