Welcome, Environmental Defense Fund’s Climate Corp Fellow Aaron Schreiber-Stainthorp!

This summer, we are proud to welcome aboard Environmental Defense Fund’s Climate Corp Fellow, Aaron Schreiber-Stainthorp, or as Julien and I like to say, “Ay-Ay-Ron”. Coming all the away from Washington, DC, Aaron just completed a Master of Science in Sustainability Management from the Kogod School of Business at the American University, and is now a Climate Corps Fellow.

UntitledThe Environmental Defense Fund is a nonprofit environmental advocacy group known for its progressive work on a wide variety of environmental issues. As part of its goal to cut energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions across the US, the EDF sponsors the Climate Corps, an innovative summer fellowship program that connects graduate students with various companies, cities and universities all over the nation.

After graduating with his Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies from Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin, Aaron worked as an environmental educator, trail crew leader and residential energy efficiency specialist in different areas around the US.  Aaron eventually moved to Washington DC, and spent the past 4 years as a project manager at the Alliance to Save Energy, a nonprofit organization promoting energy efficiency policies. This position allowed him to participate in designing and developing energy efficiency programs that effectively trained up to 30,000 students at participating schools. These programs resulted in electricity savings between 5-15%, equivalent to a savings of $3,375,000 in avoided costs.  While at the Alliance to Save Energy, Aaron pursued his MS in Sustainability Management from the Kogod School of Business at American University, graduating in May of this year.

Aaron is now joining the crew to evaluate Jackson Family Wines’ current wastewater treatment footprint, specifically at our bottling winery. Upon entering this position, he expresses a great interest in the “…intersect between sustainability and business as a driver of large change.” Though he is a big craft beer fan (and homebrewer), he is excited to be introduced to the wine industry with the opportunity to explore innovation in a new industry.. At JFW, he will conduct research and analysis on future development for wastewater needs under the guidance of Julien Gervreau, Senior Sustainability Manager and Sam Jamison, Director of Engineering. Here, he hopes to “…achieve measurable results to pinpoint efficiency and opportunities for change.”

This is a tremendously important undertaking because treating wastewater is an expensive process and can affect any future plans for winery expansion. Furthermore, there are a number of environmental implications with treating wastewater. With his expert training in and passion for energy efficiency and environmental science, he will be able to evaluate our current treatment systems, and recommend alternatives that both reduce JFW’s water use footprint and the costs associated with treatment. Beyond his impressive academic achievements, Aaron enjoys biking and pretty much anything you can do outside. Well Aaron, we hope that you will enjoy your time exploring energy efficiency as well as all of the things that you must DEFINITELY do outside throughout our beautiful wine country. Welcome aboard!

Sabrina Sihakom, Sustainability Program Coordinator