What’s in a Theme: Top 5 Theme Party Ideas

There’s something special about theme parties when mixed with good friends. They seem to help create extra special memories—stories that will be told over and over again. So grab a bottle of K-J AVANT and theme-up your next get together. Our Top 5 favorite silly theme parties are listed below, but we’d love to hear yours!

  1. Stars of Movie Night: What’s your favorite movie? Hang a sheet in your backyard, rent a projector and invite your buds to an outdoor movie night. Serve themed snacks and dress as your favorite character for a bit of dramatics.
  2. 90s Party: Of course you still have your acid-washed overalls, grungy plaid shirt and mini backpack in the back of your closet. Where else would you keep your scrunchies and pogs? Dust off your inflatable furniture, feed your electronic pet, rehearse some dial-up internet jokes and invite your friends over for a 90s party. Pass out snap bracelets as party favors and, for an added touch, consider inviting them from your dad’s car phone.
  3. Murder Mystery Party: Buy or download a Murder Mystery Party kit and invite your friends over for an evening of treachery and deceit. If you feel like getting even more creative, name some of the characters after your favorite celebs and insert a few inside jokes into the plotline. This party is a lot of fun, but preparation can be intensive so recommend planning ahead. Guests will need details on their characters about two weeks in advance.
  4. Yacht Rock Night: Do you and your friends enjoy the smooth sailing musical styling’s popular during the late 70s and early 80s? Ironically or not, who could blame you? Just try to stop from grooving while Hall & Oates plays or singing along to Kenny Loggins. Throwing this party is pretty simple –all you really need is the perfect playlist (a quick search online or on your favorite music app will uncover a few great, free lists). Next, polish your boat shoes, put on your captains hat and invite friends over to sail away – and go ahead, leave your shirt unbuttoned a little. Chest hair was meant to be seen. No boat required.
  5. Masquerade Ball: This can be done in the traditional way – invite friends over, get dressed up, adorn your faces with beautiful and feathered masks –or, get a little more crafty and creative by providing guests with masks upon their arrival. Start by picking the masquerade theme. For example, 90s movie stars or the casts of your favorite childhood TV shows. Next, create masks by printing the character’s faces and attaching them to sticks (the handle). As guests arrive, let them choose who they’ll be for the night!