Why We Farm Sustainably

My family has always farmed sustainably. We feel it is our responsibility to be stewards of the land for generations. That philosophy informs what we do at Kendall-Jackson; we’re an environmentally responsible company, committed to quality in everything.

Our commitment is more than just lip service.  All of our vineyards and wineries are third-party certified under the Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing (CCSW) program. Additionally we are seeking certification under the Sustainability In Practice (SIP) program, which recognizes a company’s commitment to environmental sustainability, fair treatment of employees and economic stability.

Part of what we already do includes controlling erosion and maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Additionally, we protect the wildlife surrounding our vineyards by ensuring wildlife corridors remain open, which allows deer and mountain lions, for example, to roam freely.

Sustaining wildlife in and around our vineyard also helps us attract beneficial insects that help control pest populations. By planting cover crops, such as legumes, between vineyard rows we encourage certain insects to feed on pests, while simultaneously supplying adequate amounts of Nitrogen and other beneficial organic matter into the soil.

The owl population also helps with control erosion by preying on burrowing rodents.  One of our properties already has over 100 owl boxes on it. Bird control is another matter we consider. So we use falconers who train their peregrine falcons to scare away birds that feed on grapes.

We’re committed to approaching sustainability in a 360 degree perspective. To that end we voluntarily banned the use of materials that are environmentally detrimental in our vineyards. In doing so we were recognized by the EPA Ozone Protection Award.

Farming sustainably is the right thing to do. My family is committed to being stewards of the land and preserving this beautiful place we call home.