23 Ways to get more out of 2023

By dhueston 
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With 2022 officially behind us and a fresh 365 days to look forward to, we've compiled a list of 23 tips to help you get the most out of your 2023! 

Tip #1 Drink More Water  

Drinking more water is easier than it seems. The easiest strategy is to pair it with another "drinking" habit you already have. For example, before you drink your coffee in the mornings, drink a cup of water. If you drink tea or soda in the afternoon, drink a cup of water before. If you drink wine at night (you know where this is going) have a cup of water before you sip on that delicious (and likely) glass of your favorite Kendall-Jackson wine. By drinking water before you drink other beverages, the “other beverages” act as a reward. This means you’re more likely to keep up the habit because you're immediately rewarding yourself for completing a task.  

Tip #2 Write Down Gratitudes 

Study after study has shown people who write down what they are grateful for experience less stress, have better immune systems, and are overall in better health (and moods!). The easiest way to start this habit is by keeping a notepad and pen on your nightstand. Before you go to bed, jot down three things you are grateful for that day. They can be big– like getting a promotion– or small– like hitting more green lights than red lights on your commute. Just make sure you start off the jotting with the phrase “I'm grateful for...“.  

Tip #3 Implement the One-Minute Rule 

If it takes you less than one minute to complete a task, get the task done instead of putting it off. Shoes on the floor? Put them into the closet. Sink has water around it? Wipe it down. Coffee cup left on the counter? Place it in the dishwasher. All these little less-than-one-minute tasks can save you a lot of time at the end of the week.   

Tip #4 Create “Done Lists"   

The “To-Do Lists" can get daunting. Instead, in 2023, create "Done Lists". See how much you’ve accomplished in a day by writing what you’ve already done instead of what you still need to do. This is a good motivational tool because it’s an immediate reward for yourself.

Tip #5 Breathe More  

Focused breathing can help reduce stress by supplying more oxygen to the brain that activates the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for calming your body after stress. The best part is you can do these breathing techniques from your cubicle, car, and bed.

Tip #6 Spend Quality Time in Nature 

Studies show nature can help reduce stress and help create a sense of calm. Find some trees in your neighborhood and go spend quality time with them. Just make sure you leave your devices behind.

Tip #7 Shop Sustainably  

Support businesses that prioritize sustainable initiatives. For example, here at Kendall-Jackson we use solar power, prioritize water conversation, and utilize regenerative farming techniques in our estate vineyards.

Tip #8 Learn a New Recipe  

Get out of your food comfort zone and try a new recipe. Our K-J blog has a plethora of wine-friendly dishes you are sure to love. You can also look at previous cooking classes by our estate chefs and follow along as they cook one-of-a-kind recipes.

Tip #9 Slow Down More   

Are you always on the go? Make a little time for yourself to simply do nothing. Here are some easy ways to start:  

  • Set a morning alarm to wake up and a second alarm to get out of bed. That wake-up alarm can be your “ease into the day” alarm where you don’t have to be productive.   
  • Listen to one song before you get out of the car. Before you walk into the office or your home, make a point to park and then listen to a full song that pumps you up.   
  • Stop and smell the roses. Literally, stop if you see a flower and smell it.   

Tip #10 Normalize Regifting  

Grab those never-been-used items and give them a new home. There is someone out there who will love it! And you’re being sustainable by not buying new things.   

Tip #11 Reach Out to Old Friends & Relatives 

Rekindle those lost connections and reach out to someone you miss. If you’re not a phone call type of person, you can send a text or take it up a notch and send a handwritten card. It will make both of you feel special.   

Tip #12 Stretch More  

You don’t have to sign up for a yoga class to get the benefits of stretching. A quick stretch in the morning, afternoon, and/or evening will have many benefits for those tight muscles. Play around and explore different stretches then pick a few of your favorites to do each day.   

Tip #13 Get Rid of Clothes That Don't Fit You  

You don’t need to lose weight to fit in those jeans. You need to get rid of those jeans. Donate all the clothing items that make you feel less than confident or that you haven't worn in over a year.  

Tip #14 Create a "Shut Down" Bedtime Routine 

Whether you're on your phone, computer, or watching tv, screen time can have an impact on your sleep. Start “shutting down” an hour before bed to help you get more quality ZZZs.  

Tip #15 Remove "I Can't" From Your Vocabulary 

The next time you're having difficulty with a new task, tell yourself "I can" instead of "I can't". You'll be surprised at what you may accomplish.  

Tip #16 Try Something New Each Week  

This can be as epic as going skydiving, or as small as trying a new wine variety. Either way, you are guaranteed to find something new to love! 

Tip #17 Practice Something  

We tell kids that “practice makes perfect”, but as adults, we forget to tell ourselves. Remember, you’re likely to be bad at a new skill. But that’s why you practice! Pick something you want to learn or get better at and make a point to practice it for at least a few minutes each week. The goal is to see how much you progress over 2023!  

Tip #18 Travel Locally  

You don’t need to plan a big trip to discover someplace exciting. Explore areas of your hometown you’ve never been to before. Or travel to neighboring towns that you normally drive through. There are guaranteed hidden gems right in your backyard. 

Tip #19 Turn Off Your Phone  

Remember the time when we would leave the house with just our keys and wallet? The phone stayed at home, and we all navigated life with the understanding that we will be available later. Pick a few hours each week and turn your phone off. Don’t be available just to be available. Make time for just you. It’s okay.  

Tip #20 Talk to Yourself Like You Would Talk to a Friend 

Would you say the things you say to yourself to a friend? If not, then stop this bad habit in 2023! Choose to talk to yourself like you would a friend this year. You are FABULOUS! 

Tip #21 Wear Sunscreen  

If nothing else in 2023, make it a habit to wear some SPF on that beautiful face of yours!  

Tip #22 Make Your Bed Every Morning  

It’s a simple task that you can complete first thing in the morning. Make sure you jot it down on your “Done List" at the end of the day.   

Tip #23 Savor the Little Moments  

If wine has taught us anything, it’s to stop and use our five senses to savor every sip. Why not apply this to your everyday life? Whether you’re sipping on a glass of wine on your porch or taking a stroll through your neighborhood, make note of what you see, smell, taste, hear, and feel. Make note of that moment.


Are you resolving to start any other new habits this year? Let us know if you have any other tips for making the best of 2023. Share with on social by tagging @kjwines.