Free Range Chickens Are Great Help In The Vineyard

In addition to wine, cats and roses, the Kendall-Jackson Wine Center is also home to free range chickens. In total, we have nine free range birds on the property at any given time.

There is one lucky rooster, Rocky, a Rhode Island Red, and a variety of others that include a Silkie Bantam, Buff Orpington, White Plymouth Rock, Red Ranger and Delaware. (Some of them are pictured to the left.)

Our animals hold a very important place in the life of our vineyard. We allow the chickens to forage and peck below the vines and between the vineyard rows in order to eradicate bugs and insects. Through their hard work they turn what nature has provided into a fertilizer that further enhances soil life and vine health.

The incorporation of chickens in our farming practices allows us to maintain a more traditional and natural farming process. Although it takes a lot of dedication and understanding to raise the animals in a way that enhances their quality of life, it is also very entertaining and rewarding to have the animals on the property.

We raise the chickens in our vineyard in both permanent and portable pens. These pens provide protection and safety for the chickens against predators and severe weather conditions. The pens allow access to plenty of fresh air and sunshine as well as the opportunity for the chickens to move around. In moving the pens daily the chickens have access to fresh ground and spread their quality fertilizer on our fields.

We are very careful to consider the well-being of our animals. Each is allowed to express its species-specific characteristics. A deep appreciation for the individual animal on our vineyard permeates our daily work. We want the animals to live healthy lives and in turn help produce healthy and tasty grapes and wine that you can feel good about drinking.