How to Add a Fun Twist to Your Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

In my house, Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and a lot of fun. There is never a shortage of laughter or shenanigans when all those dearest to us are gathered. While everyone’s Thanksgiving is special in its own way, we have a few traditions that always keep people on their toes. Throw your guests a curveball this year and try one or try them all!

While we always have the traditional faire of Thanksgiving (my parents make the best Hasselback potatoes) we always like to incorporate something that’s just as delicious but not so traditional. For my family, that something is stone crab. You would never expect it on a day full of comfort food but it has become a Thanksgiving staple for us. We always start off the feast with stone crab and champagne, and let me tell you this is a tradition that no one has complaints about!

Speaking of food lets talk turkey. This is another case where the less traditional route can really pay off. I’ll never give up that traditionally cooked, delicious turkey but it’s also fun to try new cooking methods. For example, this year my family is experimenting with smoked Turkey legs. You know the kind that you get at Disneyland and eat straight off the bone as you walk around the park? Its like those, only much better. My Dad has been perfecting the cooking method for weeks, and I for one am most excited about this new addition to our Thanksgiving Feast. Try taking a page out of his book, in addition to your traditional turkey, try a new cooking method, there’s no shortage to choose from!

As I mentioned before, there is always Thanksgiving shenanigans at my house. In past years, we’ve been known to poke a little fun at each other. One year we printed out embarrassing pictures of each family member and pasted them on the heads of our homemade Turkey decorations — it made for a pretty funny evening and a great conversation starter with our guests. Try something along these lines by making personalized table settings. Instead of just writing each persons’ name transform them into a turkey! Simply print out a picture of each guest and paste his or her face onto a small turkey cut out. Place these at each table setting and you have a hilarious way to let guests know where they’re sitting.

By far my favorite part of Thanksgiving is something we started a few years ago and we had no idea it would turn into such an anticipated tradition. Our Thanksgiving is an ever expanding affair with new additions every year; one year we had a myriad of different people and we were looking for a way to bring people together and get them comfortable around each other.

Enter Thanksgiving Dares.

My siblings and I decided to be a little sneaky and we came up with a list of silly dares, which we taped underneath each plate. After enjoying our meal we surprised everyone with the dares. We went around the table and each person performed their dare, it was hilarious entertainment and a great way to bring everyone together. These dares are now the main event of Thanksgiving and our guests look forward to seeing what we come up with each year. Surprise your family with this game and who knows, it just may become a tradition for you too.

Check out some examples of our favorite dares below to get you started. Although we always surprise people with new dares, these somehow make their way into the mix every year:

  1. Slap yourself in the face with a piece of turkey.
  2. Choose a partner and do a jig with them.
  3. Tell everyone why you love Thanksgiving in an accent.
  4. Fit as much stuffing in your mouth as you can.

It’s these traditions that make our Thanksgiving such an anticipated and insanely fun Holiday. Every year, we countdown the days until we are able to gather with our family and friends and give thanks in our own unique way. What funny and unique Thanksgiving traditions does your family have?