Mexican Summer Mingle



Hola! I’m Vianney Rodriguez from Sweet Life, a blog dedicated to sharing my culture through plates of delicious food.  I’m super excited to be a guest here at the Kendall-Jackson blog to share a few recipes I created for a recent Mexican Summer Mingle I hosted at my home.  What’s a Mexican Summer mingle you ask? Well it’s a evening spent enjoying the flavors of Mexico, while sipping on amazing Kendall-Jackson wine in the warm South Texas climate.

Had I forgotten to share – I live in South Texas, soy Tejana! 

Ready to mingle? Let’s talk fiesta prep. I love to entertain at home. I love the entire planning process, the menu planning, setting the table, cooking, but what excites me the most in spending the evening with family or friends.  Everyone at the table chatting, eating, laughing and enjoying each other’s company, love!

And every great mingle, fiesta, party needs great food so today I am sharing four of my go-to recipes that pair beautifully with Kendall-Jackson wine and are easy to prepare, which is key when planning any party at home, because every party host should enjoy the evening with their guests and not be tied down in the kitchen.

Kendall Jackson Summer Mingle 120~12

Let’s Keep it Simple with Appetizers

The easiest way to feed a crowd is to have plenty of bite-sized appetizers available to ease the pressure of having to serve a full dinner. Spread colorful platters around your space so guests can mingle as they eat.

Kendall Jackson Summer Mingle 118~12

These crispy mini potato chorizo empanadas are filled with a savory potato-chorizo mixture are the perfect appetizer and they pair well with Kendall-Jackson AVANT wine. These empanadas can be made ahead of time, frozen, and baked the day of your mingle.

Tip: These empanadas come together even quicker with the help of pre-made pie crusts or look for pre-made emapanada dough sold in the Latin freezer section of most grocery stores. Prep the day ahead and pop in the oven the day of your party.

Kendall Jackson Summer Mingle 164~12

And no party would be complete without creamy, dreamy guacamole.  This guacamole is brimming with juicy mangos, lime juice, onion and a bit of spice from jalapenos.

Kendall Jackson Summer Mingle 182~12

Pair this mango guacamole with crispy tortilla chips and Kendall-Jackson AVANT Sauvignon Blanc.

Kendall Jackson Summer Mingle 223~12

Freshen up the palate with this stunning ceviche paired with Kendall-Jackson AVANT Sauvignon Blanc.

Kendall Jackson Summer Mingle 244~12

Featuring red snapper this ceviche can be made prepped and assembled before guests arrive.  A crowd pleaser that is sure to wow your guests.

Don’t even think of ending the night without treating your guests to a fabulous dessert.  Berries are plentiful here in Texas and I love featuring them in desserts, but I thought it would be great to serve a chilled, light dessert incorporating Kendall-Jackson AVANT Red Blend wine.

Kendall Jackson Summer Mingle 056~12

Delicate berries are simmered in wine, steeped with fresh mint and chilled until ready to serve.  Topped with a dollop of freshly whipped cream and a few sprigs of mint and your summer mingle ends on a stunning note.


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