Wine Gift Ideas for that Vino Lover in Your Life


Wine lovers rejoice! No matter your budget or reason, we have the best wine gift ideas for you and those vino lovers in your life. We have amazing wine accessories: from the latest grape-enthusiasts' gadgets to storage solutions, gift packages, home décor, and books — we've got you covered this holiday season.




1.  Floating Wine Racks from Houzz

There are a lot of wine racks to choose from, so it was almost impossible to pick just one, but we settled on this reclaimed wood floating wine rack from Houzz that is absolutely stunning. This set of two floating shelves come with one floating shelf for your wine bottles, and one glass rack to hold several glasses. Every item is made from 100% reclaimed wood, which means that there's probably a history in every grain, which suits any décor, modern or cozy-comfortable. This one-of-a-kind wine rack holds several bottles of wine, and floats on any wall in your home, not just the kitchen, even for those with smaller spaces. Houzz guarantees that every piece is its creation, which means the wood tones vary with every piece of lumber. Why not buy these amazing wine accessories for your home, and the homes of all your friends.  Since no two are the same, you can give this gift to any wine lover who needs another storage option.  


2. Wine-scented candles from Rewinded

We chose these special wine-scented candles from Rewinded because we love the fruity, citrusy smell and memories of late-night backyard parties. For this holiday season, why not evoke those sweet memories as we welcome our friends indoors for a spell. Rewinded company makes this handcrafted candle out of Charleston, South Carolina: This is just one of many wine-scented candles that boast 60-80 hour burn times, and a variety of scents to fill your home. With clean burning soy wax, you'll feel good about giving this gift to fill any home. It also makes a great hostess gift for all those holiday parties that will soon be filling our calendars. The season to give, light candles, drink wine and be merry is coming soon, why not pair your favorite wine or sangria to a delicious scent. All wine-scented candles come in a repurposed glass container that is a festive green color that suits any décor and will add that festive flair over the holiday season. Or imagine drawing a bath, lighting a few of these candles, with a glass of your go-to Zinfandel. This is one wine themed gift anyone will enjoy.


3. Wine Towel Set from Uncommon Goods

We had to include this set of wine pairing towels that not only look great in any kitchen, but they can also provide hours of fun for anyone who loves talking about wine and food pairings. These clever wine towels list 68 popular wines, 56 different foods for a possible 3,808 possible pairings. With two separate red and white guides, your friends will have fun following these easy-to-read, and fun tea towels perfect for any aspiring sommelier. Simply select your bottle, your food choice, and then follow the grid to see how your pairing is rated. Pairings are rated excellent, good, or best avoided, so you not only give the gift of expertly paired wine combinations, you save your friends the heartache of the not-so-savory ones. Foods are grouped into seven categories, and there's lots of additional wine-related facts and tips on acidity, body, tannins, and sweetness for each wine listed. Now that's asking a lot for a set of wine towels, but these sure do deliver. Why not wrap a bottle of your best Merlot for the perfect gift this holiday season?





4.  Red & White Wine Aerator from Vinturi

Vinturi is a brand that promises to elevate your wine experience, and we couldn't agree more. That's why we had to include this wine aerator set for red and white bottles. Make every bouquet sparkle with this beautifully designed set that lets you aerate any bottle easily with style. Whether you are sitting down for a robust Grenache, or a crisp, refreshing Sauvignon Blanc, make every note a celebration with this Vinturi Wine Aerator Set. If you are giving this as a gift for someone you cherish, we recommend selecting a punchy California Chardonnay to cover the white lovers in your life and a wild Alisos Hills Syrah for those that enjoy red wines. With its intense flavors, the Syrah will become a go-to favorite this holiday season, and with the Vinturi aerator set, you can blossom those deep, dark flavors on those cold, winter nights.


5. Rabbit in Bottle Wine Aerator from Rabbit

We all know how aeration can quickly create that perfect glass of wine, and it would be a perfect world if we had all the time in the world to pour our wine into a decanter before we're ready to drink, but that's not always possible. That's why there are aerators and this one from Williams-Sonoma is a handy little gadget that makes aerating your favorite wine that much easier. It's as easy as open the bottle, insert the aerator into the top of the bottle and pour. The ease of this wine aerator lets you have the perfect, well-rounded flavor in every sip.

Made with acrylic, and stainless-steel accents, this handy gadget is BPA-free and cleans easily with a run under a hot top. The dripless spout makes any bottle of wine that much easier to pour, and when you are done, use the silicone stopper to savor the wine another time, as it fits snugly in the top of bottle, holding on that freshness on your time. That's what you are giving with this gift, the gift of beautifully aerated and full wine anytime.


6.  Brass Instrument Wine Decanter from Hanzeek

If you are looking for a beautiful wine decanter that suits every occasion and adds elegance to any décor, look no further than the Hanzeek Brass Instrument Wine Decanter. With a brass instrument shape, this handmade decanter is created from the finest lead-free crystal. For dinner parties or intimate nights for two, this one-of-a-kind centerpiece shines with brilliance and clarity.

A deep red Merlot, or a bright ruby Cabernet Sauvignon: they all look stunning in this crystal decanter that allows your reds to breathe before you drink. It holds two standard-sized bottles of wine, which means you can easily fill it up before your guests arrive, and make it around the room filling friends' glasses. With its unique shape and size, it's surprisingly easy to handle and pour the perfect glass, or two. For those who are feeling generous and are looking for that perfect, unique gift this holiday season, the Hanzeek Brass Instrument Wine Decanter is a showstopper.





7. 6-Piece Silver Wine Tool Kit from Rabbit

The Rabbit 6-Piece Wine Tool Kit is one of those under $50 gifts that continually gives back. Make your love one think of you often, every time they open a bottle of wine, with this handy, and stylish Rabbit, 6-Piece Wine Tool Kit in stunning silver. This set includes a corkscrew with spare worm, a foil cutter, a drip-stop ring, a bottle sealer, and a wax remover so you will never be without a needed wine-drinking tool. These tools are made from rugged, lightweight polycarbonate which means the not only look great in any kitchen, they are made to last a lifetime, and include a 10-year warranty. For those who want to give something useful, and beautiful, this is the ideal gift. You can never have enough bottle sealers and openers anyway, and this powerful, award-winning opener lifts the cork from any wine bottle in 3 seconds with its patented, simple lever action. Handles include a rubberized padding that allows anyone can open any bottle of wine without a hitch.

The reviews for this product are overwhelmingly positive, including, “I bought the Metrokane Rabbit as a Christmas gift for my parents and it has since become the most indispensable item in our kitchen. It makes short work of opening a bottle of wine for even the puniest-armed of us… three swift, smooth movements will open even the most stubborn bottle". Imagine the smiles on your loved ones faces every time they open a bottle of wine with the gadget you gave them.  


8. Wine Preserver from Coravin

The true wine connoisseurs amongst us all agree – we should enjoy a different bottle of wine every night. It would be great if we all had that wine-drinking friend who could help us share a new bottle whenever the mood strikes us, but sadly, my friends, this isn’t always the reality. What do we do when we just want one glass of wine? What do we do when we would like a glass of Pinot Noir, while our partner wants a glass of crisp Chardonnay? It is for these types of reasons that Coravin created their argon-gas wine preserver system. With Coravin preservations systems, you can have a different kind of wine with every glass without losing freshness. In the mood for a smooth Merlot, enjoy. Suddenly feeling like a crisp Cabernet, no need to finish the red before you savor the white. How is this possible? The Coravin system allows you to pour a glass of wine without popping the cork.

Designed only for natural corks, this high-tech wine preserver has wine-lovers in a tizzy, because you can pour a glass of wine without corking the bottle. Taste wine and decide to store it for six more months, letting the natural aging process continue. Imagine the possibilities! And with the next generation of Coravin systems, you can choose either a gold, silver, or stunning red color that suits any décor.


9. Wine Saver Pumper from Vacu Vin

Doesn’t oxidation just ruin everything? What if you could just remove the air from your favorite bottle of wine, so you can keep drinking fresh glasses throughout the week? It seems so simple, right? That’s because it is! Vacu Win’s wine saver pump keeps your wine as fresh as possible by inhaling all the air out of your opened bottle of wine. You know, that pesky air that spoils your Merlot by morning? All it takes is Vacu Vin’s unique stopper and pump combination. Set the stopper in the mouth of the bottle, align the pump, and start suctioning out that air! This fantastic process essentially re-seals your wine with an airtight vacuum, maintaining freshness for up to two weeks.





10. Kevin Zraly Windows on the World Complete Wine Course: 30th Anniversary Edition by Kevin Zraly

In 1976 the New York Windows on the World restaurant began a very special Wine School.  The creator and head-master of sorts, was the fabled wine personality Kevin Zraly. Every year, Zraly releases updates to his beginner-friendly, comprehensive guide. His 200 pages help even the most novice enthusiast comprehend the vast world of wine. Zraly leads you page by page through colorful maps, easily-digestible labels & categories, important facts, and interesting personal & historical anecdotes. Each chapter focuses on a different region and type of wine. He provides expert recommendations for every location & varietal: French, German, and North American white wines; Australian, Iberian, and Californian reds; Champagne bubbly, sherry, port, and many more.

Zraly’s goal with his ever-evolving annual release is, simply, a reliable and fun education. Delivered through his unique sense of humor and patient appreciation for inexperienced readers, Zraly’s 30th anniversary edition is a perfect pickup for all aspiring wine students.


11. Wine Folly, The Essential Guide to Wine by Madeline Puckett

With stunning graphics and tons of vino-related information, we had to include this modern wine lovers encyclopedia of sorts. Did you know that a blueish tinge in your darker reds means there's less acidity? Did you know that there are five perfectly poured 5oz glasses in a standard-sized bottle of wine? Well, of course, you do, and now all your friends can as well. Available on Amazon in paperback, this is a fun, coffee-table book that will evoke countless wine-related conversations.

Learn your Merlot from your Cabernet Sauvignon, and everything in between. What regions are known for their wines? It's in this book. What wine should you pair with your famous grilled salmon over couscous? What wine should you serve with dark chocolate cheesecake? This book makes wine pairing easy, and accessible to all with many helpful tips, great visuals, and superb advice. We recommend wrapping it up with a bottle of Kendall Jackson’s Pinot Noir because this book is a celebration!


12. The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert by Richard Betts

Richard Betts is one of the world's top, master sommeliers but he's got a vernacular of wine that we all understand. Giving anyone the tools to scratch and sniff their way to expertise status, Betts explains the building blocks of wine – the tannins, the fruits, the wood, the earth in this fun interactive book. You aren't just giving information with Betts; you are giving experience after experience.

With humor, 16 scents, and lots of witty information, this book gives anyone the tools to discover a world of wines, and maybe even a new wine love. This book is exactly what it claims to be, a scratch and sniff adventure to learn more about wines. Some of the scents might not translate in hardcopy, but you will pick up a few key tips, and ideas to get you going. It’s a fun read, and a fun gift for the wine-lover who might have enough accessories, but is looking for something new.





13. 2-Bottle Neoprene Wine Tote Bag from Wine Enthusiast

With shopping trips and holiday parties, you might be carrying a lot of wine around this holiday season. We hear your struggle and have a stylish, useful solution with this Two-Bottle Tote Bag that easily carries two bottles of wine at once, in style. Exclusively from Hero Bags, this award-winning design takes two bottles of wine with you anywhere. Makes a thoughtful, unique hostess gift – why not choose a red and a white to bring to the party? Bottles stand upright and remain clink-free with a middle seam inside these canvas pockets. This tote won the 2010 Annual Design Review for Packaging Design, and we couldn't agree more with the pick! For those who are looking for an extra special way to give away wine, or lug those bottles around this holiday season, we recommend picking up a few of these tote bags.


14. Pig Wine Cork Caddy by Picnic Plus


The holidays wouldn't be complete without something a little quirky and humorous, that's why we couldn't resist adding this charming little pig cork caddy to our gift-giving collection. With its whimsy and style, this little guy will become a welcomed addition to any wine-lovers' kitchen. It holds up to 50 corks, so you'll be able to reserve and display all your favorite corks, and all those memories.  There are many cork holder designs, but none match the pure charm and whimsy of our little piggy friend. For $30, this makes an affordable, unique gift for any hostess or fun-loving friend. We think it looks downright charming in our kitchens.





15. Give them a wine club membership from us!

Kendall-Jackson Jackson Estate Wines

The Kendall-Jackson wine club membership and curated wine shipments are gifts that truly keep on giving. Membership to our wine club is always free, and we give you many options to customize shipments. Enjoy year-round sought-after wines directly to your door, or best friend's house, including single vineyard or small production lots (you just can't get this anywhere else). We currently offer two tiers of memberships, Signature and Estates. If you are buying for a friend this holiday season, choose the level and number of shipments that suit your taste, along with the options of a mixed, red-only, or white-only wine shipments. This is the gift that any wine lover will adore, and think of you each time a new shipment arrives. Why not sign yourself up for some shipments while you're ordering for friends, and always have a new wine to taste for every occasion that comes throughout the year. This is for the truly good this holiday season.


Our Wine Club benefits also include:

  • Membership is free.
  • Enjoy year-round shipments of our most sought-after wines, including single vineyard, small production lots.
  • Option to customize shipments.
  • Complimentary tastings for up to four guests.
  • Preferred club member pricing to events, including our annual farm-to-table dinners for up to four guests.
  • Member discounts on all wine & food experiences for up to four guests.
  • Need to send a bottle? How about 6 or 12? We have exclusive wines not available in stores! Visit our wine club page for more information.



If you ask me, the best gifts are homemade! Take a break from the online catalogues and break out your creative supplies.

Want to make a beautiful, one-of-a-kind wine stopper? Gather up a few gemstones and grab all those corks we all save for some inexplicable reason. Fasten them together with some adhesive and ‘voila!’ – you’ve just made a very memorable gift. Read the instructions at our DIY wine blog.

How about a modern DIY wine rack? Raid the garage for some colorful wood, framing nails and a hammer. Get to poundin’! In no time, you will have a fantastic piece that really shows off your bottles!  

For instructions to create even more memorable gift pieces, visit our special DIY section!