Announcing: K-J Uncorked

Do you feel like you’re more connected to your online friends than your offline friends sometimes? Do you find yourself dedicating more time to building virtual friendships than investing in your existing, in-real-life (IRL) friendships? If this sounds like a typical night out with your friends: dinners are interrupted by email-checking, text-checking, fact-checking, distracting everyone from participating & enjoying the here & now, then maybe you are looking for ways to disconnect.

There have been a lot of articles lately on how much time we spend online, tips on how to unplug and unwind, how to take time for yourself, how to avoid Facebook depression or what happens when you feel like you need a digital detox. We’re here to support your unplugging, your unwinding and your uncorking. While it may seem counter-intuitive for us to give you ideas on how to unplug through our social media channels, basically encouraging you to disconnect from us on social for a bit, we know that taking the time to appreciate the life and the people around you is important and we want all of our K-J community members to relish this life they have.

We all need a little time away from our devices, time to enjoy life, enjoy friends, enjoy wine, interruption-free.

Over 2014, we’ll be sharing tips on how to unplug, how to uncork K-J, how to slow down and take life in. We’ll be launching a pledge for you to commit to unplugging for a small amount of time per week. We’ll ask you for your ideas on how you disconnect from the online world and make the time you spend with family & friends more important. We’ll support you on this interesting journey of unplugging, making it easier and easier until it becomes as much a part of your routine as checking your phone!

How do you disconnect?