2012 Human Race bottle walkers

Human Race 2013

Each spring thousands of people gather in Santa Rosa to participate in a widely anticipated fundraising event called The Human Race.

February 13th kicks off the 2013 fundraising season at the annual Breakfast of Champions. Our local Human Race is hosted by the Volunteer Center of Sonoma County and is the largest collaborative fundraising event in Sonoma County as well as the largest Human Race in the country. Each year Kendall-Jackson leads the charge as the largest company sponsor. It’s thrilling to see so many K-J employees join with the Santa Rosa community to pledge their support and raise funds for charity.

With nearly 10,000 participants ranging from children to senior citizens, K-J is proud to support this great event along with all those who “toe-the-line” the day of the race. Whether you prefer a more leisurely pace and choose to walk the 3K or strive to achieve a personal record running in the 10K, our collective efforts make a difference that is much greater than any finish line or course record.

Last year the Santa Rosa Human Race raised more than $700,000 for over 250 non-profit organizations – a considerable improvement compared to the first inaugural event’s $1,800 in 1981. This year by May 11th we hope to raise $1,000,000. We’ve already initiated some friendly interoffice competition for race day.

At Kendall-Jackson we know that sustainability is not a destination, it is a journey – and environmental change takes patience and the support of the community before all of the benefits can be seen.  Yet, by donating your time, effort or money to help charities and people in need, the impact is immediate.  If you are interested in being part of such a great event, search on-line for a Human Race near you.

For more information, please contact the Volunteer Center at (707) 573-3399.