Throw a Holiday Party the K-J Way

By now, you’ve settled into the holiday season, the holiday tunes are on the radio, gifts are ready to be wrapped. Maybe you’ve always wanted to throw a holiday get together, but we know what you’re thinking: “I don’t have time to throw a holiday party! It’s already December!” We’re here for you, K-J Friend.

Holiday Party Ideas


Step 1: Get into the holiday spirit

We know that the holidays come earlier and earlier every year and we can get holiday fatigue before the season has even started. Slow down, take in the sights, smell the crisp air, marvel at the lights.


Step 2: Pick a Date

The December calendar fills up quickly but don’t be deterred. Maybe your closest friends are available on a Friday night and your party is a dinner party instead of a wine & app setup. It’s about enjoying the holidays with your friends & family, right? Send around an email to feel out dates and then pick one!



Step 3: Pick Up & Make the Food – Don’t Forget the Wine!

Make a list, check it twice. As you grocery shop for your regular life, check to see if anything you need for your party is on sale! If you decide to have a potluck, ask your friends to make their family’s favorite holiday recipe and you can make yours too. Use your crock pot for as much as you can – meatballs, mulled wine or pulled pork. We do have the perfect holiday dessert that’s fun and different: Mama Frischkorn’s Amazing Caramel Corn (and read the story too!) Pair with our late harvest Chardonnay or Vintner’s Reserve Riesling.

Wine list: it’s cold, so your instinct may be to buy all reds. There’s no rule that says that, so buy what you like! If you love our K-J Chardonnay, buy a couple bottles of that and balance it with a K-J Merlot and a K-J Cabernet. Use our newly launched K-J Recommends Wine & Food app for more help!


Step 4: Decorate

Pull out the boxes of holiday decorations, pour yourself a glass of K-J Merlot and turn on the holiday music – it’s time to decorate! Again, take your time, enjoy the tradition of stringing lights, putting up snowflakes and even reminiscing about good holiday times.


Step 5: Enjoy

Take this time to enjoy your decorated space, good food, fun friends and great wines. Need we say more?