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Tree In Rows Vineyard

Time-Lapse View Of A Kendall-Jackson Mountain Vineyard

At Kendall-Jackson our farming roots run deep. The land plays a large roll in not only growing our wine, but also developing the taste and flavors. We’re fortunate to own spectacular vineyards – and today we thought we’d share one of them with you.

Last year we went to one of our mountain top vineyards and set up a camera. We scheduled it to take a photo at noon everyday. We kept the camera up there from early April through mid-November.

In that time you’ll see the vines go from nothing to growing inches a day to turning a golden yellow. Check out the fall storm that blows in and knocks the camera askew and enjoy last fall’s Indian summer in Northern California.

We’re proud of our vineyards and land, and hope this gives you a better appreciation of where your wine comes from.

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