Fancy Food Show, Everyone Says Good Good Eat

This week Chef Tracey and I went to the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco.  I hadn’t been for the past few years and I was excited by how many folks were in attendance this year, close to 20,000.  Over 1,300 food vendors from all over the world were there showcasing over 80,000 products.

It took us almost two full days to see everything. Some of the items that seemed popular this year were coconut milk & aloe water, goat’s milk caramels and new products featuring citrus, such as yuzu.  Apple cider vinegar drinks seemed to be all the rage this year, as well as products highlighting umami.

One of my favorite products was Soft Candy fromTaiwan.  They came in strawberry and grape flavors and they were awesome.  The strawberry candies were my favorite – the flavor reminded me of being a kid, bubble gum and baseball.   Not only are they delicious, but the packaging is great – who can argue with “everyone says good good eat”.

Tracey, our “curd nerd,” was really excited about the cheeses from all over the world, but her favorite booth was Cypress Grove’s cheese confessional booth.  In their private confessional booth, you could confess about your first time experiencing Humboldt Fog cheese.  Cypress Grove produces the famous cheese, Humboldt Fog.

If you’re into food and you ever have the opportunity to check out the Fancy Food Show, you should.  It’s a good time and you can taste lots of fun and exciting new foods.